News for clubpenguin! :D

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News for clubpenguin! :D Empty News for clubpenguin! :D

Post  Lauren on Thu Oct 15, 2009 4:29 pm

we got new post cards go check em' out!

October 24 2009 Clubpenguin's 4 Anniversary!!!! Celebrate the fourth year of Clubpenguin!!!

Starting October 16 we will have new music tunes for our igloos so you can have more parties at your igloo!!!

October 27-November 1 is the Halloween Party!!!

Start decorating your igloo really scary for the Halloween igloo decorating contest from now till October 16!!! 20 Grand prize winners will receive 50,000 coins!!! Their names in the Clubpenguin times! Also a special Postcard from the judges!!!
20 runners up will receive 25,000 coins!! Their names in the Clubpenguin Times!!! Also a special postcard from the judges!!! WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED IN THE OCTOBER 29 AND THE NOVEMBERS 5 ISSUES OF THE CLUBPENGUIN TIMES!!!

The new pin is located in the ski lodge,its a football!!

Also theirs a new stage in clubpenguin its basically a repeat but its called Squidzoid vs. Shadow guy and Gamma Gal also check out the new stage Costume Trunk!! Go on be lookin good for your audience!!

heres the comic of the day

News for clubpenguin! :D Fan_ar11

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